Elfa Frid actress/model                                          

Elfa Frid is an Icelandic actress/model/producer, born in Seattle, raised in Iceland and currently living in New York City.

Acting: Elfa studied acting at the Arts University Bournemouth, England, and graduated with a BA degree in 2011. While in England, she performed a variety of roles both on stage and on camera. After graduation she moved to New York City where she has landed some small on-camera roles.

Modelling: Elfa has been involved in several photo shoots, both with student and professionals. These have been both studio and on-location photo shoots.

Production: In the fall of 2012 Elfa, along with a small group of passionate collaborators, raised a budget and produced a short film entitled Painted Dream. The film was selected for the Short Film Corner of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival (Cannes Court Métrage). Elfa along with the films director are currently in the process of starting a production company, Nuna Productions, and a second film is in pre-production.

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